academic overview


Engineering study is a serious business and it is made lively at Methodist by the active participation of Faculty members in class room / Laboratory teaching with many interactive sessions. Students at Methodist will derive the benefit from the excellent, state-of-Art facilities & well qualified, experienced faculty. Methodist faculty is motivated to balance excellence in their fields with dedication to the students, through classroom instruction and independent study. The departments are well linked to Industries. Our faculty members are entrusted to work beyond traditional boundaries, and give a holistic approach to knowledge acquisition.


Students at Methodist fulfill their general education requirements by choosing among a variety of elective courses, in order to graduate with the B.E degree.


In keeping with our emphasis on broad-minded learning we’ve designed add-on programs and courses that cater to students at multiple levels. As part of the coursework, or perhaps as part of individual research opportunities working with professors, you will have the chance to undertake some viable projects covering topics of regular study.

The engineering education program is demanding, but it develops broad skills in technical areas, an appreciation for the arts and humanities, writing and speaking skills, teaming skills, and problem solving skills and experience. All of these attributes are essential for success in today’s, and tomorrow’s, workplace.


The classroom study is well supported by encouraging students to participate in Paper presentations , exhibitions , Technical seminars , Sports and Cultural activities , to get an all round development in personality.