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We have provided a cool and hygienic cafeteria in the campus, so that our students can enjoy healthy and sumptuous foods, while having a fun chat with their pals.

Our main aim is to provide hygienic surroundings and tasty food for the students, and we have excelled in this aspect. We have selected the contractor with utmost care and made him responsible for the cafeteria cleanliness, by mentioning it in the contract. Our staff checks the place regularly, but the professional contractor did not gave us a single chance to point at him. Such a level of cleanliness is maintained at the cafeteria.

The menu is quite big, and it is full of tasty foods. The oil used in the making of these foods is of high quality and refined, and it is never reused. The salt and spicy items are also used in moderation, since the health of our students is very important to us.  The infrastructure is also quite good, and the students can relax a bit here.