Almanac/Academic Calender –  A.Y. 2016-2017
S.No Description Date(s)
1 Commencement of Classes 2-Jan-17
2 I Class Test 20-Feb-2017 to 22-Feb-2017
3 II Class Test 12-Apr-2017 to 15-Apr-2017
4 Last date of Instruction 22-Apr-17
5 Display of Sessional Marks 27-Apr-17
6 Submission of Sessional Marks to OU Exam Branch 1-May-17
7 Preparation of holidays and Practical Examinations 24-Apr-2017 to 06-May-2017
8 Commencement if Theory Examinations 8-May-17
9 Summer Vacation 01-May-2017 to 08-Jul-2017
10 Commencement of I semester for the Academic year 2016- 2017 10-Jul-17