About Civil Engineering :

The art of constructing buildings or other structures is impeccable, and it is a very old skill, having its roots impended all the way to the B.C ages, but very important since it is impractical to live without it. Methodist respects this old form of art, and presents its students with the advanced version of this skill, the civil engineering.

Civil stream occupies a special place among the engineering groups. It had provided numerous job opportunities, still providing them and will provide in the future too, due to the evergreen demand it has. This very positive reason has attracted many students to opt for this stream in their engineering. And the best of all, there is the scope for vast development in this niche. That means, with your talent and experience, you can grow all the way up to a big entrepreneur from a regular employee. This billions of dollars turnover industry is the right place to earn, and civil engineering opens the doors for you to make this happen.  

Methodist takes all the necessary steps to make this course as exciting as possible, by using professional teaching teams, hi-fi labs and other amenities. You have campus placements as well. So, your future with Methodist civil engineering is amazing to say the least.