About EEE Department

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started in the year 2008 with an intake of 60, with an objective of imparting quality education in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

EEE is the oldest of the engineering streams, and its applications are many. Methodist provides this important course for the undergraduates, and there are many benefits in joining it.

EEE covers the topics about both the electrical and electronic subjects.  So, these students can get into the jobs in any one of those streams. The number of career prospects for this group is huge, and it is the reason for many people to join this course.

These students are offered with high salaried jobs, especially in the public sector. They are needed in power industry, electrical machine industries, etc. A number of private companies also offer lucrative job roles for these engineers.

Due to this requirement, Methodist gives a special preference to EEE, and we had built a special base for this group. The laboratories, faculty, etc. for this group are of top notch, and we chalk out various industrial tours, seminars workshops, etc. for the benefit of our students.

EEE is one of the core streams of engineering, and it is required in any case. Hence the demand for this group never decreases, and it is the steadiest stream ever. You should join this course in Methodist due to the stated benefits.