About MBA Department


In order to meet the wide ranging, challenging and growing demands for professional Managers, in the recent times, from both the developing and the developed Nations, the Department of “Management Studies” was established in the year 2008, in the College, as an exclusive Department and as a separate entity.

MBA, the important stream for developing superior skills in business and administration, is offered by Methodist. In order to provide this course, the faculty and facilities should be of top notch in any institute, which we have.

There are various important subjects in MBA, like economics, marketing, accounting, etc. The topics are aimed to develop your administrative skills, which are essential for any field, and improve the business tactics. After completing this course, you will be in a position to handle your own business, or occupy crucial posts in other companies.

We know that a high quality expertise is needed to teach this subject, and our faculty selection is based on this. Our team of MBA lecturers are highly talented, and they can explain the tricky concepts in a simple manner, so that the students understand and memorize well.

To develop the practical skills of our students, we organize various programs, which offer realistic experience. They are made to face the real time challenges, which usually crib the firms. In the process, we will guide them, and provide important tips to handle the situation. By this way, the students are familiarized with the roles they have to play in the future.

Due to this practical approach, Methodist is the No.1 institute for pursuing MBA.