CSE Program outcomes :

Pursuing CSE in Methodist College of Engineering and Technology can define into several positive outcomes.

  • The students can implement mathematics, computing and applied science perfectly in solving Computer Science and Engineering related issues.
  • The complex issues are recognized, analyzed and effectively concluded by using the basic principles of engineering, natural science and mathematics.
  • The ability to design solutions and system components of Computer Science & Engineering accurately.
  • Able to work collectively within a team. Ensure team success is the prime than individual milestones. Back up any team member who needs the help at the earliest.
  • Committed to lifetime learning, and have a zeal for professional development at every stage of the career.
  • Able to use the available tools effectively, and implement all the required skills for obtaining the solutions.
  • Efficient in communicating seamlessly. The development of projects at the team level, and interpreting the feedback from the clients is only possible with the excellent verbal and oral communication skills.
  • Can design the various computer systems, and develop the solutions for different complexities.
  • Able to identify the various legal, social, economic and ethical responsibilities, and making new products by abiding to them.
  • Understand the issues, and develop the respective computing solutions.