EEE Career Prospects :

The unending career prospects of EEE have obliged many under graduates to take up this course. This lucrative engineering field has changed the lives of many students for good.

By getting the EEE degree, you will be qualified to step into the offices of huge electrical companies. Many public sector firms would be more than happy to offer you with fat paycheck jobs.

The power sector in particular need a lot of electrical engineers to carry out the proceedings. They can get placed in the power generation or transmission or distribution sides.

Electrical companies recruit a large number of electrical engineers to reach the high targets they have. The salaries are very good, and it is an excellent career prospect.

Private sector companies too need many electrical graduates, improving the job opportunities for these students.

Apart from the electrical stream, electronic companies also require EEE graduates. Since the students are well versed in the core electronic subjects too, this knowledge is useful in earning a job at the top electronic companies.  

Electrical students can also take teaching as their profession. Due to the increased number of colleges, the requirement for lecturers is more. The payouts are decent enough, and hence it is another lucrative career prospect.

EEE career prospects are simply huge, and you can get a good job very quickly, provided you are investing the right amount of work.