The department is well equipped with 7 labs and  necessary  number of class rooms each provided with OHP and  LCD projector on need basis , seminar hall and library facilities .

1Circuits and Measurements Lab-Run by Solar PowerKits for Network Theorems, AC Bridges, single phase Energy meter , potentiometerTo conduct second Year C & M Lab work
2Electrical Machines -1DC Motor u2013Generators sets, DC Motors, Single phase transformerTo conduct third year EM-I Lab work and Second year of other department ET Lab for ECE and ECM lab for ME
3Electrical Machines -2AC Motors, Generators, three phase transformers.To conduct Third year EM-II Lab work
4Control Systems LabFrequency response kit, Transients kit, AC servomotor kit, DC servomotor kit, lead lag compensation kit, V/F control of single phase systemTo conduct Third year Lab work
5Power Electronics lab--Run by Solar PowerTriggering circuits , Half wave controller, Full wave controller, Ac voltage controller , Buck u2013Boost choppersTo conduct Third year Lab work
6Power systems IDMT relays, Bucholtz Relay, Transmission line model, Static Relays, Differential Relay, Synchronous MachinesTo conduct Fourth year PS Lab work
7Electrical Simulation LabMATLAB, PSCAD,MULTISIMTo conduct Fourth year ES Lab work