EEE Program outcomes :

The following outcomes can be observed for the EEE graduates.

  • Able to understand the electrical concepts, and use this knowledge in designing or developing the electrical equipment.


  • Understand the load requirements, and develop the electrical circuits or construct the machinery accordingly.


  • Able to locate the power losses, and take the appropriate steps to minimize this loss. Due to the control over it, there is no wastage in power distribution, leading to the efficient usage of the power produced.


  • Know the concepts of power generation and distribution, and implement them for increasing the power productivity.


  • Perfect at power system protection, this can save the power transmission lines and other electrical equipment in case of any accidental surge in the power.


  • Capability to communicate effectively by oral and writing means. It is useful for taking the projects forward.


  • Can work in teams, and adjust the pace according to the requirement and other team members. Coordination with the team can lead to excellent results, and it is beneficial to you, your teammates and the firm.


  • Have problem solving skills, to put out the best under the pressure. This can prove to be an eminent attitude, both for you and the company.


  • Build up the pace of the projects according to the requirements.