Why Civil Course @ Methodist :

Methodist has a special take for civil engineering: it provides the finest of the finest facilities for this group. Why so for this stream only? Because it has the potential to make our students rich and well settled in the future.

We offer whatever possible in the human way for the civil department. Our faculty immerse in teaching our students, and make their brains’ grey matter filled with the civil aspects. We value the learning limits of our students, and stretch those limits softly, without disturbing the thinking processes of them.

Methodist is also known for providing great pals to the civil pursuers; they are the books, digital files and many goodies for learning. A student can use these amenities to the full extent, gain incredible knowledge, and attain an extraordinary position in the career. We do our part well, and with a little contribution from you, you are on the way to a bright future.

We cover you too in case you need the backup. If you are unable to follow the academic proceedings, then we are there to help and provide you with a friendly counselling. Your problems are noted down, and efforts are taken to make you free from those issues. We are always there for you, as a cool pal and friendly well-wisher.

You can definitely join us for these pointers.