Classes in Methodist are divided according to year and branch, maintaining healthy student to teacher ratio of 15: 1 this ensures that every student is noticed, encouraged and monitored for performance.

Students have opportunity to explore different course materials provided. Students are formed into small groups for discussions and interactions on subject topics, this gives them knowledge about subject as well helps in improving communication skills.

The precept provides an open forum in which students are encouraged to voice their opinions, clarify doubts if any, and challenge those of their peers for obtaining clarity in thought.

Precepts may be led by the professor who teaches the course, by other faculty members or by advanced graduate students. Students have the opportunity to meet with a professor during regular office hours to bring up questions and ideas on a one-on-one basis.

At their best, “precepts enable students to develop and test their own thinking through vigorous intellectual interchange with thoughtful, knowledgeable peers.”