1:Be Polite, Punctual and come to the college neatly dressed and should maintain prescribed attendance (75% attendance).
2:Student should be in the class room by 9AM and should leave the college by 4:20 PM only (College timings: 9AM to 4:20PM). Gates will be closed by 9:15AM
3:Student is not allowed to stand about or walk along the corridors or other places of the college during the class hours.
4:Strict silence should be observed inside the class or laboratory.
5:Wear ID card in a such a way that it is clearly visible
6:Every student should CONVERSE in ENGLISH.
7:No student is allowed to leave the college without written permission of the HOD. The permission letter, duly signed by the HOD is to be submitted to the Security person at the main gate.

metho18: Participate in all academic and cultural activities conducted by the college and take up all college level and university examinations without fail.
9: Present papers or articles in conferences/Journals and conduct activities in Cultural club, Big Ideas Club and Innovations Club of the college.
10: Student is not permitted to entertain any sort of agitations or making arguments with others.

11: Ragging is strictly prohibited in and around the college.