Women Grievance Cell

Women grievance cell at Methodist is established to support the women of the college in case of any sexual harassment, and promote awareness to ward off these things even before happening.

The sexually harassed women, be it the students, faculty and other workers of the college, can approach the women grievance cell and give a complaint against the molesters. Our fine committee will delve into the matters, and conduct a thorough interrogation to know the truth. If the allegations are proved, then we expel the accused from the college, or take the matter to the police, submit the proofs, and make them imprisoned.Our grievance cell is active throughout the day, by promoting awareness in the campus. We organize various programs to educate the women about the poor conditions which support sexual assaults, and the appropriate steps to be taken in those conditions. We also explain various tactics to ward off such situations in the first place.

Methodist is always there for its women students or faculty, and we cover you from the disgraceful sexual harassments.