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Faculty CSE Department

DR. LAVANYA PAMULAPARTY, Head of the Department

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Total Experience:18 YEARS

The department is equipped with well experienced faculty and supporting staff who strives to produce excellent academic performance. The staff promotes collaborative learning and team work spirit through multi-disciplinary projects and diverse professional activities. Our faculty trains the students with strong knowledge, competence and soft skills that allow them to contribute ethically to the needs of society.


2 Dr. Ravinder Reddy M.Tech, Ph.DProfessor
3 DR VUPPU PADMAKAR M Tech (CSE), PhD (CSE)Associate Professor22 Years
4 Dr. M. Sharada Varalakshmi Ph.DProfessor
5 Dr.Shruthi SK Ph.DAssistant Professor 12
6 V SAILAJA M.Tech.Associate professor
7 E.SHAILAJA M.TECH,(PHD)Associate Professor24 YEARS
8 T PRAVEEN KUMAR M.TECH,(PHD)Assistant professor12 years
9 G SARITHA M.TECH,(PHD)Assistant professor13 years
10 D.RAJASHEKAR M.TECH,(PHD)Assistant professor11 years
11 SANDEEP RAVIKANTI M. Tech(CSE)Assistant Professor7 years
12 UNNATI KHANAPURKAR Mtech(CSE)Assistant Professor7.9 years
13 P V RAMANAIAH MTECHAssistant Professor11+ years
14 SOWJANYA BALAGA M.TECHAssistant Professor8
15 Thirupathireddy B.Tech, M.Tech, (P.hD)Assistant Professor12 years
16 PUPPALA MANGALA TULASI M. TechAssistant professor11 years
17 K UDAY KUMAR M-TECHAssistant Professor6 Years
18 Adep Rajesh M.Tech,(Ph.D)Associate Professor15
19 A RAJESH B.TECH (CSE), M.TECH (CSE)Assistant Professor5 years
20 MVDS KRISHNAMURTY B.E.,M.Tech.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor19 Yrs.
21 M.Aruna M.Tech(Ph.D)Assistant Professor12
22 A LALITHA M.TechAssistant Professor6
23 T.Chandra Mohan M.TechAssistant Professor
24 CH SRAVANTHI REDDY M.TechAssistant Professor2
25 J. Sowmya M.TechAssistant Professor
26 Deepthi Joshi M.Tech., Ph.DAssistant Professor
27 S SUNIL KUMAR M.TechAssistant Professor13