Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:B.TECH (CSE), M.TECH (CSE)
Total Experience:5 years
Teaching: 3.5 yearsIndustrial: 1.5 years
Paper Publications
International: 0National: 0
Subjects Handled:

1. Discrete Mathematics (AY: 2018-19, III-SEM CBCS)

2. Programming for Problem Solving (AY: 2018-19, AICTE Model - Curriculum = I-SEM CIVIL-B and II- SEM CSE-B)

3. Design and Analysis of Algorithms (AY: 2018-19, CBCS, VI-SEM CSE-B)

4. Compiler Design (AY: 2019-20, VII-SEM CBCS)

5. Web Programming (AY: 2019-20, VI-SEM CBCS)

Research Area:

1. Automation.

2. Learner - Centric Education.

Papers Published/Books Published:
Workshops / Seminars Attended/organized :

1. Attended 6-Day Faculty Development Programme on  " Data Science Technologies & Next. Gen. AI" at Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology during 03rd January to 08th January, 2019.

2. Participated in 5-Day FDP on "Data Science  and Big Data Analytics" conducted by ICT Academy on 26th August to 30th August,2019 at Methodist College of Engineering and Technology.

3. A Participation Certificate of AICTE Sponsored: Two-Week Faculty Development Program on "Emerging Threats and Counter Measures in Information Security" organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NALLA MALLA REDDY ENGINEERING COLLEGE during 10th February to 22nd February, 2020.

Memberships :
Awards :

Received "Award of Excellence" in SVIT during AY:2013-14.

Educational Materials/Resources Created:
SNFile NameCourseSemesterAction
1 AY_2019-20 WEB PROGRAMMING LAB.pdfWeb Programming Lab VIDownload
2 Sample Tutorial of Web Programming.pdfWeb Programming Tutorial VIDownload
3 HTML5NotesForProfessionals.pdfWeb Programming VIDownload
4 Sample_Form.jpgWeb Programming VIDownload
5 XHTML.pdfWeb Programming VIDownload
6 CC_unify.docxCompiler Construction VIIDownload
7 FIRST().jpgCompiler Construction VIIDownload
8 Follow().jpgCompiler Construction VIIDownload
9 Grammar.jpgCompiler Construction VIIDownload
10 SLR(1) table.jpgCompiler Construction VIIDownload