Designation:Assistant professor
Total Experience:11 years
Teaching: Industrial:
Paper Publications
International: 1National: 1
Subjects Handled:

Data Mining.

Data Science using R Programming.

Computer Networks.

Database Management Systems.

Web technologies.

Software Quality and Testing.

Distributed Systems.

Cloud Computing.

Object Oriented System Development.

C Programming.


Research Area:

Machine Learning & Data Science

Papers Published/Books Published:
Workshops / Seminars Attended/organized :
Memberships :

Life member ISTE.

Awards :

Scored 92% in Gate 2006.

Got Apreciation Certificate from CISCO.

Won the third place prize in the November 2017 CISCO Global IPD Week Sweepstakes .


Educational Materials/Resources Created:
SNFile NameCourseSemesterAction
1 RNotesIV.docxDataScience Using R VIIDownload
2 unit3_DM.pptDataMining VIIDownload
3 unit-1.pptDataMining VIIDownload