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B.E Honors Academic Regulations and Syllabus of EEE Department

♠ Scheme and Syllabus

Academic Regulations for B. E. with Honors

1. Objectives

The key objectives of offering B.E. with Honors program are:

  • To expand the domain knowledge of the students laterally and vertically
  • To increase the employability of undergraduate students with expanded knowledge in one of the core Engineering disciplines.
  • To provide an opportunity to students to pursue their higher studies/research in wider range of specializations
2. Academic Regulations for B.E Honors degree
  • For B.E with Honors program, a student needs to earn additional 18 credits, over and above the stipulated number of credits for B.E degree. All these 18 credits need to be completed in III year and IV year only.
  • The weekly instruction hours, internal & external evaluation and award of grades are on par with regular 4-Years E program.
  • After registering for the Honors programme, if a student is unable to pass all courses in first attempt and earn the required 18 credits, he/she shall not be awarded Honors However if the student earns all the stipulated number of credits of B.E, he/she will be awarded only B.E degree in the concerned branch.
  • There is no transfer of credits from courses of Honors program to regular E. degree course & vice versa.
  • These 18 credits are to be earned from the additional courses offered by the host department /allied departments in the college as well as from the MOOCS platform.
  • For the courses selected under MOOCS platform following guidelines may be followed:
    1. Prior to registration of MOOCS courses, formal approval of the courses, by the concerned Boards of Studies is necessary. The BOS considers the parameters like the institute / agency which is offering the course, syllabus, credits, duration of the course and mode of evaluation etc. before approval.
    2. Minimum credits for MOOCS course must be equal to or more than the credits specified in the Honors course structure approved by the BOS.
    3. Only pass grade/marks or above shall be considered for inclusion of grades in honors grade card.
    4. Any expenses incurred for the MOOCS courses are to be met by the students
  • The choice to opt/take the Honors program is purely left to the choice of the students.
  • The student shall be given a choice of withdrawing all the courses registered and/or the credits earned for Honors program at any time; and in that case the student will be awarded only E. degree in the concerned branch on earning the stipulated number of credits.
  • The students of every branch can choose Honors program in their respective branches subject to the eligibility criteria. A student who chooses an Honors program is not eligible to choose a Minor program and vice-versa.
  • The B.E. with Honors program shall be offered from the AY 2023-24 onwards. The first batch of students under Autonomy who will be pursuing their V semester during 2023-24 can register for the Honors program.
  • A student can graduate with Honors if he/she fulfils the requirements for his/her regular

B.E. program as well as fulfils the requirements for Honors program.

  • The department shall prepare the time-tables for each Honors program offered at their respective departments without any overlap/clash with other courses of study in the respective
3. Eligibility conditions of the students for the Honors degree
  1. A student can opt for B.E. degree with Honors, if she/he passes all the courses in first attempt in all the 4 semesters and maintain a CGPA of 5 or more.
  2. If a student fails in any registered course of either E or Honors in any semester of four years program, he/she will not be eligible for obtaining Honors degree. He will be eligible for only B.E degree
  3. Prior approval of mentor and Head of the Department for the enrolment into Honors program, before commencement of V Semester, is mandatory.
  4. For CGPA calculation of B.E course, the 18 credits of Honors program will not be
4. Registration for the courses in Honors program
  1. At the beginning of each semester, just before the commencement of classes, students shall register for the Honors courses which they wish to take in that semester.
  2. The students should choose a course from the list against each semester (from Honors course structure) other than the courses they have studied/registered for regular E programme. No course should be identical to that of the regular B.E. courses. The students should take the advice of faculty mentors while registering for a course at the beginning of semester.
  3. The maximum No. of courses for the Honors is limited to two (three in case of inclusion of lab), in a semester along with regular semester courses.
  4. The registration fee may be collected from the students as per the norms of the college, with the approval of the Governing Body

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