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MCET Library


The library plays a central role in your education and we are here to help you learn to do research, find information. Within a College, providing and supporting information and technology usually falls to a variety of groups. At Methodist, we have brought all these functions into one division, Resources Information and Technology (RIT). By doing this, we are able to most effectively and efficiently provide the academic, curricular, research and business support the entire campus requires.

From the resources of the library and the online course-management services of Blackboard, to network administration and digital compressed video services, RIT is committed to meeting the growing technology needs of the college. We also keep Methodist connected with our Technology Help Desk, and an ongoing series of training seminars.

The college has DELNET Membership to enable the staff and students for e books and e journals for all the courses.

CE 204 1716
CSE 692 3466
ECE 465 3195
EEE 322 2026
IT 220 1300
MECH 412 3152
H&S 415 3204
MBA 652 1619
TOTAL 3162 20652

Journals and Magazines:63



Digital Library

We setup a digital library, so that our students can access the thousands of e-books, publications, lectures, etc. And we have connected it to a high speed server, to enable our students to get the required e-files at a finger tap.

There are already thousands of books in our central library, but we like our students to keep up with the latest technologies, which is a digital library in this case. So we have constructed one, and stored thousands of high value e-files on the server. Students are provided with fast internet connectivity, so that they can retrieve the files quickly from the huge database. And we have provided a number of computers to enable as many students to access the facility.

In the world of digital files and Kindle readers, we do our best to maintain the technology of international standards.