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Alumni Co-ordinating Cell

About cell

Alumni Cell, the single point of contact between Alumni & Institute, offers our alumni a host of services that helps them keep in touch with their batch mates and also keep them updated on campus happenings.

Facilities of the cell

The following are facilities provided by Alumni Coordination Cell

1. Alumni Coordination Cell room with high speed internet connection.
2. Conference hall for conducting alumni meets.
3. Registered body for Alumni Association.
4. Online registrations available for alumni to join the MCET Alumni network.
5. Data Base of students having contact numbers and email addresses.

Functions of the cell

FO1: Provide a platform for the alumni to connect with each other for the exchange of information, ideas, communicate their accomplishments, interests, and concerns, etc.

FO2: Foster alumni pride and enhance the reputation of the College.

FO3: Take opinions from the Alumni for the betterment of student’s career.

FO4: Enrich the emotional bondage amongst the Students, Alumni and Faculty.

FO5: Extend maximum help to the College in the placements and internships of students in reputed organizations.

FO6: Recognize Alumni for their significant contributions to education.

FO7: Propose and execute special projects: Infrastructure, technical projects, seminars, conferences, etc.

FO8: Institute awards for meritorious students.

FO9: Institute awards for the Alumni for their contribution to the College and the Society.

FO10: To strengthen ties between the Institute and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural and social activities

Alumni Coordination Committee

1. One Senior faculty as Coordinator
2. One faculty from each department
3. One 3rd Year students from each department
a. Committee composition

The college has constituted the following committee to assist the committee of Alumni coordination for the smooth conduct as follows

S.No Name of the faculty Dept. Designation Mail ID
1 Mr. R Sandeep CSE Coordinator
2 Mr. D. Bharath Naik CE Member
3 Dr. Shruthi CSE Member
4 Mr. P. Rajinikanth EEE Member
5 Mr.B.Satyanarayana ECE Member
6 Mr Y Madhu Maheswara Reddy MECH Member
7 Mrs.Roubena Sultana MBA Member
8 Mr.A. Sachendranath H & S Member
SN Student Member Roll No Dept  
2 GAGIREDDY VIKASINI 160720732003 CE  
3 virinchi Sai 160719733099 CSE  
4 K NANDHA KUMAR REDDY 160720734315 EEE  
5 M RAJESHWARI 160720735015 ECE  
6 B BHARATH KUMAR 160720736303 MECH  
7 B Arjun Dass 160722672017 MBA  
8     H & S  

Roles and Responsibilities

a. Coordinator
♠ Suggest to committee members to design web page for alumni cell.
♠ Instruct the committee members to establishes alumni chapters.
♠ To establish the network every year with alumni.
♠ To organize the alumni meet every year in our college premises.
♠ Adopt the Alumni Association core values of excellence, lifelong relationships, lifelong learning, Advocacy.
♠ Participate faithfully and consistently in Alumni Council meetings and functions, regional alumni chapter Events and other Institute functions.

b. Faculty member
♠ To design web page for alumni cell.
♠ To take necessary action to establish alumni chapters and to conduct various programs.
♠ To creating the network to establish alumni chapter.
♠ To conduct the alumni meet every year in our college premises to make the program grand success.
♠ Development and implementation of a telephonic and online follow-up and support program for college alumni.
♠ Develop communication plan to contact alumni post-treatment; maintain alumni database including family contacts; implement and summarize alumni survey.

c. Student member
♠ Support the coordinator and faculty for developing web page.
♠ Support the coordinator and faculty for establish alumni chapters and to conduct various programs.
♠ Support the coordinator and faculty for creating the network to establish alumni chapter.
♠ Support the coordinator and faculty for conducting the alumni meeting and develop the good relationship for carrier guidance.
♠ To support faculty members and make the students to attend the program for their growth and development.
♠ They promote the institute to potential students.