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Consultancy and Incentive Policy
Incentive Policy for Attending Seminars and Conferences
In order to encourage and promote the research culture amongst the faculty members, the management has decided to offer the following incentives.

  • Paid leave will be granted when faculty members participate in Conferences, Seminars and workshops either for attending or presentation of research papers in their respective areas of specializations.  Faculty are eligible for a maximum of 10 days of paid leave in an academic year.  Prior approval is to be obtained from the Principal/Designated authority. This leave will be granted only on production of attendance certificate from the organizers of the event.
  • 50% of the registration fee paid by the faculty for attending the conferences/seminars/workshops will be reimbursed by the college as an incentive on production of the receipts for the amount paid. The maximum amount to be reimbursed will be at the discretion of the designated authority.
  • Partial financial support will be extended to the faculty towards publication of research papers in the UGC approved/indexed Journals.

For Ph.D. Programme:

  • Financial assistance to the faculty registered for PhD programme will be provided to the extent of Rs 30,000/- towards the Registration /Tuition fees during the course of study.
  • Paid duty leave will be granted to the faculty for attending their Pre PhD examinations

Reimbursement of SWAYAM – NPTEL Examination / Certification
SWAYAM-NPTEL is conducting advanced and basic level courses through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). All the faculty can enrol to these courses on NPTEL portal through the local chapter of our college. The duration of these MOOCs is for 4/8/12 weeks and these MOOCs have regular assignments and proctored examination at the end of the course. Faculty members have to register for the examination by paying the prescribed fees, appear for the examination at the designated centres and pass the examination.

Certificates will be issued by NPTEL to only those faculties who enrol, attend the programme and qualify in the examination. As a faculty development, the Management has decided to encourage the Faculty members to enrol and pass the examination. In this context it is informed that faculty members who successfully clear NPTEL courses of 8/12 weeks duration in their respective domain during January- May, 2019 shall be paid cash incentives as per the following guidelines.

S No.

Score in the examination

Type of Certificate

Cash Incentive


40 – 59

Successfully completed

Rs 300


>= 60


Rs 500


75 – 89


Rs 1000


>= 90


Rs 1500



Gold +Topper

Rs 2000

Consultancy Policy
Objective: To establish a framework to support consultancy activities at Methodist College of Engineering and Technology

  • This policy applies to all faculty and staff of Methodist College of Engineering and Technology
  • The faculty or staff must ensure that the consultancy work does not create a conflict of interest with the role of the faculty in the college.

Circumstances Under Which Consulting Activity May Be Permitted

  • The organization requiring consultancy services from faculty or the department shall write to the Director/Principal indicating the expertise required.
  • The Director/Principal on receiving the request from the organization shall inform to the department concerned.
  • The head of the department shall nominate the faculty or a group of faculty having the required expertise and get permission from the Director/Principal.
  • The Director/Principal will take into account such factors as the compatibility of the activity with the responsibilities and commitments of the faculty member(s), potential conflicts of interest and the use of institution resources while granting permission
  • An MOU may be signed between the organization and the department towards the nature of consultancy work and the commercials
  • The faculty or a group of faculty engaged in the consultancy work shall periodically report the progress of the consultancy work to the Director/Principal through the head of the department.


  • Publication arising from consultancy work shall include the faculty affiliation of the college and acknowledge for the facilities used from the college.

Intellectual property Rights (IPR)

  • College IPR may be used where not in conflict with rights of third parties or any commercialization plan.

Other Commercial Rules

  • College facilities and resources may be used and must be charged in line with the guidelines from time to time.
  • Meeting related to consultancy work with the organization(s) may be conducted in college premises.
  • Tax is applicable for the revenue generated through consultancy work.

Policy for Revenue Sharing in Consultancy

  • In view of encouragement the management has decided to share the revenue generated out of consultancy services to the faculty or group of faculty or non-teaching staff involved in the consultancy work as detailed below:

S. No.





Use of institute space and or equipment




For providing solutions/expertise to problems of the industry