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    Candidates who are seeking admission in B.E Courses in any branch for the academic year 2023-24 have the opportunity to obtain a Minor Engineering Degree in their chosen branch of Engineering alongside their regular B.E. Degree.

    The students admitted in one branch have the option to pursue a Minor Degree in other branches. Below is a list of available Minor Degrees.


    Name of the Minor Degree

    Offered by the Department








    Cyber Security









    AI and Electrical Vehicle Technology



    Green Building Technology



    Business Data Analytics

    Business Management

    For further details, visit our college website: https://www.methodist.edu.in

    B.E with Minor degree program

    In tune with the guidelines of AICTE it is proposed to start Bachelor of Engineering (B. E) with Minor which focuses on the fundamental principles of multiple Engineering disciplines, critical & analytical thinking and the ability to develop a distinctive approach to the interdisciplinary problems.

    1. Objectives

    The key objectives of offering B.E. with Minor program are:

    • To provide an opportunity to students to pursue their under graduate programme in the inter-disciplinary  areas in addition to their own branch of study, facilitating them to expand their domain knowledge  in one of the other branches of engineering

    • To increase the employability of undergraduate students keeping in view of better opportunity in interdisciplinary areas of engineering & Technology

    • To provide an opportunity to students to pursue their higher studies in the inter-disciplinary areas in addition to their own branch of study.

    • To offer the knowledge in the areas which are identified as emerging technologies/thrustareas of Engineering.

    2. Proposed Academic Regulations for B.E. Degree with Minor programs

    1. For B.E. with Minor degree, a student needs to earn additional 18 credits (over and above their respective credits weightage and semester-wise break-up of the courses will be finalized by the respective Boards of Studies. All these 18 credits are distributed in V, VI and VII Semesters.

    2. These 18 credits are to be earned from the additional Courses offered by the host department in the college as well as from the MOOCS platform

    3. There is no transfer of credits from Minor program courses to regular B.E. degree course & vice

    4. The weekly instruction hours, internal & external evaluation and award of grades are on par with regular 4-Years E program.

    5. A student can graduate with a Minor if he/she fulfils the requirements for his/her regular B.E program as well as fulfils the requirements for Minor

    6. After registering for Minor programme, only if a student earns 18 credits by the time he/she earns the prescribed number of credits of B.E programme, he/she shall be awarded E degree with Minors.  Otherwise only B.E degree  in the concerned branch will be awarded. 

    7. For the course selected under MOOCS platform following guidelines may be followed:

      1. Prior to registration of MOOCS courses, formal approval of the courses, by the concerned Boards of Studies is necessary. The BOS considers the parameters like the institute / agency which is offering the course, syllabus, credits, duration of the course and mode of evaluation etc. before approval.

      2. Minimum credits for MOOCS course must be equal to or more than the credits specified in the Minor course structure approved by the BOS.

      3. Only Pass-grade/marks or above shall be considered for inclusion of grades in minor grade

      4. Any expenses incurred for the MOOCS courses are to be met by the students

    8. The choice to opt/take a Minor program is purely left to the choice of the students.

    9. The student shall be given a choice of withdrawing all the courses registered and/or the credits earned for Minor program at any time; and in that case the student will be awarded only E. degree in the concerned branch on earning the prescribed number of credits.

    10. The student can choose only one Minor program along with his/her basic engineering

    11. A student who chooses BE Honours program is not eligible to choose a Minor program and vice-versa.

    12. The students who are pursuing their V semester can register for the Minor program if they fulfill the other eligibility criteria.

    13. The institute / department shall prepare the time-tables for each Minor course offered at their respective institutes without any overlap/clash with other courses of study in the respective

    3. Eligibility criteria for the students to register for Minor course

    • A student can opt for B. E degree with Minor program, in V Semester if he/she has no active backlogs till IV Semester

    • Prior approval of mentor and Head of the Department for the enrolment into Minor program, before commencement of V Semester, is mandatory

    4. Registration for the courses in Minor Program

    • At the beginning of each semester, just before the commencement of classes, students shall register for the courses which they wish to take in that semester.

    • The students should choose a course from the list of the Minors courses approved by the BOS. No Minor course should be identical to that of the regular BE course. The students should take the advice of faculty mentors while registering for a course at the beginning of the

    • The maximum Number of courses for the Minor is limited to two (three in case of inclusion of lab) in a semester along with regular semester courses.

    • Registration fees will be collected based on the college norms, with the approval of the Governing Body

    Some of the Proposed Minor Programmes/Courses

    • Please refer above table for name of the minor degree and department offering the Minor degree.

    10/07/2023 -09:43:34

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